About Us


Our History

Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services, or “GCSES,” was founded in 2015 to manage four diverse subsidiaries throughout the United States.

Our brand portfolio includes FROGCO Amphibious Equipment Inc.; M&C Oilfield Services; and Specialized Environmental Resources Inc. GCSES integrates these four brands and their services into a single, distinct whole – unifying our service offerings to better serve our clients.

The Power of Synergy

Integrating our different brands and services into a holistic, unified company allows us to better manage and service our client projects, portfolios and other business operations in the energy, utility, marine construction and oil industries. With highly trained, experienced personnel and specialized equipment strategically positioned throughout the United States, GCSES can quickly mobilize resources to assist with the successful completion of your next project—no matter the size or location.

Whether you need geotechnical marine services, pipeline construction services or any other specialized energy service, the united GCSES brand allows us to cut costs, deliver higher quality service more efficiently and become more competitive in the world of specialized energy services.

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Our Mission And Core Values

Our Mission

At GCSES, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the energy industry by staying abreast of arising opportunities and emerging challenges.

Our management team has more than 60 years of combined experience with specialty energy services – and with our commitment to providing better client service, we continue innovate and adapt emerging technologies and services to accommodate the rapidly changing and increasingly competitive energy industry.

We are focused on integrating our services and streamlining all of our existing brands to maximize efficiency, without interrupting any of our current client partnerships, to ensure you receive truly seamless service.

With our fleet of specialized equipment and team of highly-trained and skilled operators, GCSES aims to be the leading provider of quality-driven and cost-effective specialty energy services.

Our Core Values – How We Accomplish Our Mission

We don’t believe in cutting corners to get the job done. When you partner with GCSES, you get only the very best specialty energy services.

That’s not a boast – it’s a promise.

  • HSE – We are 100 percent dedicated to safety – for our workers, our clients and our environment. First and foremost, we strive to provide specialty energy services that are safe, friendly to the environment and cost-effective.
  • Quality – We uphold ourselves to the very highest quality standards in all of our work, guaranteeing that our clients get the energy solutions that they need – and that they will last for years to come.
  • Integrity and Accountability – We hold each of our employees – from technicians to CEOs – to the very highest professional standards of integrity and accountability. We provide honest service and conduct all of our business operations with a focus on business ethics.
  • Teamwork – We seek to provide the very best service to you by emphasizing teamwork – not just within our own workers, but alongside our clients. We work tirelessly with you to provide the results and services your project needs to succeed.
  • Innovation – AT GCSES, we focus on the future. That’s why we’ve combined our brands into a single, turnkey service provider – and that’s why we’re dedicated to innovating and providing better specialty energy services to our clients every day.

With a strong focus on honesty, quality and innovation, alongside our dedication to health and safety, GCSES is the best choice for specialty energy services throughout the United States.

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