With an expert team of cleanup specialists, a focus on minimizing both service interruption and environmental impact and a customer-first approach, GCSES provides the very best environmental remediation and restoration services for energy service companies throughout United States.

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Whether it’s caused by a faulty pipeline, poor maintenance or a natural disaster – when an oil spill occurs, you need a reliable and experienced environmental remediation and restoration partner to help you ensure fast and safe cleanup so that you can resume normal business operations, avoid hefty fines and maintain compliance with EPA regulations regarding oil spill reporting.

At GCSES, we offer expert services in the environmental remediation and restoration market. You can rest assured that any hazardous waste or chemicals will be cleaned up quickly and safely – and that the system responsible for the spill will be replaced or repaired as swiftly as possible.

Our Services – We’re Environmental Remediation And Restoration Experts!

When an oil or gas spill happens, you need reliable and trustworthy equipment operators with decades of experience – and that’s exactly what GCSES offers.


  • Marsh & Wetland Services – We specialize in serving difficult-to-reach marsh and wetland areas. Utilizing specialized fanboats and shallow-hulled craft, our team of remediation and restoration experts can reach even the most difficult wetlands and swamps. Our comprehensive tools and services placed strategically throughout the United States allow us to react with precision and speed to your environmental disturbance and resolve issues quickly, ensuring minimum operational interruption and environmental impact.
  • Utility Services – Our utility services ensure that you can repair broken power lines, gas lines and address any other issues present after a serious environmental incident. Whether an explosion has damaged your power lines, or a natural disaster has caused a serious environmental issue, we have the experience and specialized tools to help.
  • Marine Construction Services – We specialize in marine construction services in nearly every aquatic environment. Whether you’re experiencing a leak and require repair services, or a shallow inland oil pipe has broken and needs to be replaced, our highly skilled marine construction team can provide cleanup, restoration and repair services in shallow water areas that are under 25 feet in depth.
  • Environmental Cleanup Services – Our environmental cleanup experts stay abreast of the ever-changing environmental emergency requirements. With strategic placement throughout the United States, we can quickly respond to an emergency and lessen any environmental damages. In addition, we can pull soil and water samples to test for environmental pollutants and hazards and send them to third-party agencies for evaluation, ensuring that your project complies with all governmental and regulatory requirements for environmental impact assessments.