By integrating the expertise of our four sub-companies into a single, synchronized whole, Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services provides the best marine and wetland construction and maintenance services throughout the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States.

We employ safe, professional and experienced personnel, and our equipment operators are highly trained and are always reliable and on-time. Our comprehensive fleet of specialized amphibious equipment, strategically spread throughout our sub-companies, is designed to operate perfectly in these challenging construction environments.

At GCSES, we pride ourselves on offering the very best customer service in the industry. We place our clients at the center of our business strategy to provide you with the very best service possible.

Our Services – How We Serve Your Marine & Wetland Infrastructure Needs

Marine and wetland construction is a highly specialized subfield, especially for the energy sector. We offer our clients the tools and resources needed to successfully complete their projects in these challenging environments such as:


  • Pipeline & Production Services – From shallow water marine construction to wetlands and marsh excavation, and every environment in-between, we can handle the construction and maintenance of pipelines in nearly any terrain environment.
  • Marsh & Wetland Construction – We have the largest diversity of specialized amphibious construction equipment specifically designed to clear pipeline ditches, create levees, excavate wetlands and provide you with the clear, water-free environment you need for your pipelines or production facilities.
  • Inland Marine Construction – We don’t just offer construction services, we also specialize in inland marine construction in rivers, waterways and marine environments shallower than 25 feet. From shallow water, to marshes, rivers and transitional zones, we can handle all of your marine construction needs.
  • Environmental Services – If your pipeline or distribution system breaks or malfunctions, you need an experienced and reliable partner to help you quickly clean up any toxic chemicals or oil. Our highly skilled operators are standing by and are ready to respond to any spills or other environmental issues you may experience.
  • Utility Construction – GCSES offers truly end-to-end energy services, providing specialized highline construction services, equipment and operators to clear marshes and swamp lands for installation of new power lines and even storm recovery aid and rebuilding after major natural disasters such as hurricanes or severe thunderstorms.

With our industry knowledge and extensive experience working in the unique – and often challenging – wetland and marsh environment along the Gulf Coast and Southeast United States, GCSES offers an all-in one specialty service solution for marine and wetland infrastructure.

Contact us today to find out how we can help save you time and money as your marine & wetland infrastructure partner.