If you are in need of midstream energy support services to build pipelines and ensure the safe transportation of gas, oil or other resources to your refineries and distribution centers, GCSES is the best choice for both servicing and new projects/builds. Contact us about your next project now.

At GCSES, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader for specialized midstream energy equipment and services across the United States. We believe in doing things differently. Our customer-centric approach places your needs at the center of our company – we don’t just focus on the bottom line.

And with decades of experience in every sector of the midstream energy market, we have the skills, experience and tools needed to ensure your specialty energy needs are met quickly and effectively.

Our forward-thinking approach helps us deliver better results – and ensures that your projects are always finished on-time and on-budget.

Our Services – How We Serve the Midstream Energy Market

With the combined expertise of our four sub-companies, we provide the very best services to the midstream energy market including:


  • Pipeline and production facility – By leveraging our extensive fleet of specialty equipment and our team of highly experienced midstream energy workers, we can handle it all. We aid in the construction of drilling rigs, pipelines and pumping systems and refineries. We can also help service, repair and maintain pipelines to eliminate any anomalies and ensure that your existing pipelines are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.
  • Marine construction – We have decades of experience in the complex world of marine construction. With our advanced tools and techniques, we offer services in shallow water marine locations (depth of 25 feet or less), near the shore, in marshes and on land/transitional zones.
  • Marsh & wetland services – Marshes and wetlands are one of the most unique environments in the Gulf Coast region and can present a serious challenge for many energy companies. But backed by more than 40 years of experience managing amphibious construction projects, GCSES can handle clearing and draining marshlands, excavation for pipelines, clearing marshland for right-of-way construction and creation of levees to prevent water ingress.