From the extraction of oil and natural gas to the installation of utility lines, piping and more – Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services is truly an end-to-end energy company.

We specialize in providing highly skilled and experienced operators and high quality equipment to successfully complete your utility infrastructure projects throughout the United States. By leveraging our four sub-companies, we are uniquely-equipped to deal with varied terrain, difficult-to-reach wet and dry areas and other technically-challenging aspects of utility infrastructure.

Our Services – How We Serve Your Utility Infrastructure Needs

We offer the advanced amphibious equipment, experienced operators and construction expertise to help you with the design, development and building of multiple types of utility infrastructure.


  • Marsh & Wetland Services – We specialize in serving the unique terrain and climate of the Gulf Coast region. Equipped with specialized amphibious tools like marsh buggy excavators and shallow-hulled craft, our highly experienced personnel can operate in even the most difficult-to-reach marsh and wetland areas to assist in clearing and draining marshlands, excavation for pipelines, creation of levees and more.
  • Utility Services – GCSES offers turnkey utility services, eliminating the need for multiple sub-contractors and decreasing the overall cost of your utility construction project. With our comprehensive utility services, we can help to build new utility infrastructure, repair an existing system after a storm or simply conduct regular maintenance and upkeep of your facilities.

With one the largest fleets of amphibious earthmovers and construction equipment strategically placed throughout the United States, specialized and professional equipment operators and a dedication to client satisfaction, GCSES is the best choice for your utility infrastructure needs.

Contact us today to see why our dedication to customer satisfaction has made us one of the leading specialty energy service partners.