Hurricanes and other natural disasters can cause serious spills and environmental hazards, well blowouts can happen in the blink of an eye and even the most high-quality pipeline can fail due to faulty equipment or materials.

When disasters happen, energy companies need the most advanced environmental services and reliable, experienced operators to repair leaks and clean up spills to help minimize environmental damages and restore your normal operations.

GCSES’ unique, integrated business model allows us to dispatch our strategically positioned repair professionals and our fleet of specialized equipment to repair any damage to your existing infrastructure – minimizing environmental damage and service interruptions due to an environmental disaster anywhere in the United States.

Whether you need to restore an area after cessation of drilling activities, take core samples to ensure proper construction techniques or clean up after a serious hazardous waste spill, GCSES offers the specialized equipment and a team of highly skilled professionals to help.

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We offer a variety of turnkey environmental services, tailored to the particular needs of the energy industry throughout the United States.

Coastal Restoration and Enhancement

After a serious spill or other disaster, or after the cessation of a drilling project, our team of expert reclamation specialists can restore, reclaim and enhance coastal land, ensuring areas around your equipment are restored to their natural state. With a deep knowledge of governmental regulations and requirements for coastal restoration, GCSES can ensure that your project abides by all required stipulations for land reclamation.

Geotechnical Drilling and Sampling

For regulatory and environmental purposes, geotechnical drilling and sampling are often required when building new energy facilities. GCSES offers a team of highly trained drilling professionals to handle your drilling operations up to 300 feet in depth in shallow coastal regions and even in inland waterways and marshes.

Hazardous Waste Cleanup

When an oil pipeline, refinery, pump or even a wellhead fails, you need emergency response units to clean up hazardous waste as quickly as possible to minimize the environmental impact and mitigate liability for your company. We offer emergency hazardous waste cleanup that abides by all regulatory guidelines, and our emergency repair teams can also identify and address the cause of your hazardous waste spill to ensure that it does not recur.