Coastal restoration and enhancement is a perpetual need of our coasts and their ecosystems. Natural erosion and other factors require that these sensitive environments are nurtured and protected. Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services has the experience and equipment to navigate these unique environments with minimal disruption and the utmost care. We serve private sector and government clients in their coastal restoration, remediation and enhancement projects through our ability to move large volumes of earth, sand and other material and install protective barriers in this precious landscape.

Whether you require our services to help prevent coastal erosion, restore a region for a wildlife refuge, rebuild after a serious natural disaster like a hurricane or perform environmental remediation after your energy or construction project, GCSES provides expert coastal restoration and enhancement services.

Our Amphibious Vehicles Make It Easy To Rebuild And Restore Coastal Regions

In the wet/dry transition zone of the Gulf Coast, specialized equipment is required. Land-tracked tools are not designed to deal with the wet environment of the marshlands common in the region – and they may even get stuck during your project, leading to serious delays and cost overruns.

But with GCSES, you’ll always have the right equipment for the job. Our excavators are fully amphibious and can float in waters as deep as 12 feet, making them ideal for coastal restoration projects because they can operate in swamps and marshlands, on open water and on land with equal efficiency. This allows you to reach parts of the coast and inland waterways that may normally be inaccessible to traditional equipment.

GCSES offers highly trained excavation technicians who have years of experience working in coastal reclamation projects to help quickly move earth, sand and other materials into the proper places, restoring the natural beauty of the coastline with minimal impact on the surrounding environment and wildlife.


GCSES – Your “One-Stop-Shop” For Environmental Services

Whether you need help restoring a damaged coastline, recovering after an industrial accident or oil spill or even need geotechnical drilling services, GCSES can help with your next project.

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