Obtaining soil samples in the wetlands and marshes of the Gulf Coast can often be challenging because many companies can only serve clients by drilling on dry land.

But at GCSES, our fleet of specialized vehicles allows us to provide geotechnical drilling and sampling services throughout these traditionally hard-to-access regions to ensure that your chosen sites meet construction requirements.

Specialized Equipment, Experienced Geotechnical Drilling Experts

At GCSES, we have several different geotechnical drilling rigs that can be used in the wetlands, coastal waterways and inland water areas.

We offer shallow-draft workboats with drilling rigs, which can be used in waters that are as little as 18 inches deep. Our powerful drilling rigs allow us to obtain soil samples from up to 300 feet in depth – so no matter how large your project is, you can be sure that you’ll get a comprehensive picture of the underlying soil structure.

We also offer marsh buggies equipped with drilling rigs. These marsh buggies use both pontoons and land-tracking systems to travel throughout marshlands and swamplands with ease.

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While most of our competitors focus only on drilling on dry land, we specialize in drilling for clients who require services in the Gulf Coast’s wetlands, coastal waters and inland waterways. With a team of experienced equipment operators and specialized drilling rigs, we’re the best in the business.

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