Whether due to faulty equipment, human error or even a natural disaster such as a hurricane, even the most carefully-designed energy systems can fail, causing serious environmental damage.

If your company experiences a serious hazardous waste spill, you need to take action as quickly as possible in order to avoid fines from regulatory agencies such as the EPA and potential legal action.

GCSES has a large fleet of specialized cleanup equipment, environmental restoration technicians and other specialists strategically positioned throughout the United States and on-call 24/7 to help with emergency hazardous waste cleanup.

We Can Clean Up Hazardous Waste In Any Environment

GCSES has the tools you need to clean up environmental hazards, chemical spills and any other hazardous waste released after a natural or man-made disaster in any environment.

We have a fleet of shallow-hulled workboats that allow easy access to inland waterways, fanboats that can traverse swamps and marsh buggies with excavators – allowing us to remove and clean up hazardous material even in the most harsh, difficult-to-work with terrain.

With our team of experienced equipment operators, even the most dangerous and hazardous spills can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently. And because we also offer geotechnical drilling services, we can take soil samples of the surrounding area to ensure that our cleanup has met EPA regulations and that any lingering traces of chemicals or toxic waste have been eliminated entirely.

No Disaster Is Too Big – Contact Us For Hazardous Waste Cleanup Today!

Our hazardous waste cleanup services have been used by energy companies, Superfund sites, chemical manufacturers and even steel/paper mills. With GCSES’ services, you can minimize liability and environmental damage – and ensure that business operations resume quickly, even after a major spill.

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