Site reclamation is often an important part of decommissioning an energy project. After operations cease, the restoration of an area may be required by governmental agencies or as part of a right-of-way agreement.

Regardless of the purpose, site reclamation always has the same goal – restore a piece of land to its natural, functional state. This can be very difficult in the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States due to the unique land/water transition zones which characterize the area.

Restoring and reclaiming marshes and wetlands is often very difficult indeed – because traditional earthmovers and other construction equipment cannot reach these areas. But with site reclamation services from GCSES, you’ll be able to restore land in even the most difficult, harsh areas of the Gulf Coast.

We Can Restore Land – Anywhere!

Traditional earthmoving and land reclamation equipment simply does not function in wet, marshy areas. Large, tracked excavators may get stuck or break down – and this can cause project delays.

GCSES has a full fleet of fanboats, shallow-hulled workboats and marsh buggies with excavators that can be used to help restore a site that is located in the wetlands. Our fully-amphibious equipment allows us to take on land reclamation projects in swamps, as well as on dry land, and in waterways up to 12 feet deep.

We also specialize in restoring the delicate ecosystem of marshlands and swamps. We can remove bulkheads and other infrastructure that’s preventing the ingress of water, and move earth so that the land is even, level and as close to its pre-construction state as possible

With our specialized equipment and expert operators, you can quickly restore land that’s been damaged by industrial activities, construction, the decommissioning of energy projects or any other cause.

Trust Us With Your Most Difficult Site Reclamation Projects!

With a highly skilled and trained team of equipment operators, and plenty of expertise working in the wet/dry transition zone, GCSES is the obvious choice for your next site reclamation project.

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