Our fleet of amphibious vehicles meets all access requirements and allows GCSES to provide construction services in shallow waters throughout the United States. With a strong focus on dependability and safety, you can trust our equipment operators to provide the very best service to you and your company.

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From the creation and installation of docks, to dredging and excavation, to preparing for drilling equipment and the building of levees and water control structures, marine construction is a critical – and often challenging – part of many energy projects and ventures.

With a large fleet of specialized marine construction equipment, experienced and highly trained operators and construction professionals and a deep knowledge of the unique challenges that energy companies face, GCSES provides integrated and comprehensive marine construction services.

Our Marine Construction Services

Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services offers a wide range of specialty equipment services and turnkey solutions in the marine construction space including:


Dock Installation and Repair

GCSES specializes in the construction, installation, maintenance and repair of docks for marine transportation needs. We can build new docks quickly and efficiently, allowing you to begin the process of transporting natural gas, oil and other products without long lead times. We can also aid in the repair of damaged docks and regular servicing of docks to ensure ongoing optimal performance of your operations.

Sheetpile and Bulkhead Installation and Repair

Our team of highly skilled engineers and construction professionals can aid in the installation of both bulkheads and sheet piles. With our expert services, we can combat beach erosion and prevent the ingress of water into coastal processing areas – saving you money and allowing you to begin your next energy extraction project more quickly.

Pile Driving

Whether you need a building in shallow, coastal or inland waters, our advanced marine craft can handle pile driving in both shallow and deep waters, allowing GCSES to quickly set up the baseline structure for oil rigs, docks, piers and much more.

Dredging and Excavation

Our extensive fleet of water-based excavators are specially suited for dredging and excavation of project sites. Whether you’re building a new drilling rig or any other piece of underwater infrastructure, our powerful tools and skilled operators ensure that your project will be completed quickly, efficiently and on-budget.


GCSES offers marine cranes and crane services, as well as reliable operator crew services to clients throughout the United States. Whether you must transport materials onto a new drilling rig or remove materials from a decommissioned structure, our strategically positioned fleet of marine cranes can handle jobs of just about any size.

Levees / Water Control Structures

Backed by decades of proven experience building levees and other water control structures, GCSES guarantees that excavated areas will be protected by soundly-engineered levees and other water control structures such as specialized drainage systems.