Staff, materials, equipment and other items must be regularly transported to drilling rigs and other infrastructure – and a reliable, safe and high-quality dock is of utmost importance for maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re in the energy industry, or you are part of any other business that has waterfront access and requires a dock, GCSES is here to help. With our docks, you can expand and revamp vessel docking potential dramatically and benefit from a high-quality, long-lasting docking solution.

We’re Docking Experts

Whether you need a small, two-berth dock or would like to construct a large, pier-based dock with dozens of berths, GCSES has the expertise that you need to succeed.

From having your own dock design on-hand or requiring a team of engineers to build a custom blueprint, Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services provides end-to-end dock construction services including ideation, construction, maintenance and everything in-between.

Docks go through a lot – constant exposure to UV rays, heat and cold, saltwater, marine life, improper docking and, in the Gulf Coast region, damage from hurricanes, strong winds and serious rainstorms is quite common. We can perform repairs and regular maintenance to make sure your dock is safe, secure and usable.

Contact Us Today – Get Started On Your Dock Project

Whether you have an “as-built” dock that needs to be repaired, you’re in need of upgrades or dock maintenance, you can trust GCSES to deliver timely, excellent service.

Contact us today to get started with your project today.