Dredging and excavation services are often the first step in beginning a new construction, utility or energy infrastructure project. At GCSES, we offer dredging and excavation as part of our comprehensive suite of construction services, saving you time, money and effort.

All-In-One Dredging & Excavation Services

Whether you need dredging to prepare for a dock at your oceanfront property, or you’re a government agency building levees or other structures, our specialized excavation equipment can be used in coastal waterways, shallow waters and even some inland areas.

We have a large staff of experienced, reliable equipment operators stationed throughout the United States to help support your construction, maintenance or reclamation projects no matter the size or location. Our equipment is always well-maintained to ensure there are no issues that may delay your project – and that you get the very best service possible.

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With our integrated business structure, customer-centric approach to business and fleet of specialized excavators, GCSES is an ideal choice for your next construction project.

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