In the Gulf Coast and Southeastern United States, levees and water control structures are often required for construction, repairs and other tasks to keep your construction projects and land dry – even if it’s below sea level.

At GCSES, we’ve been providing expert levee-building services to our clients for decades – even in traditionally-difficult environments such swamps, marshes and other wetlands.

We Offer Fully Amphibious Levee And Water Control Structure Services

We have a fleet of more than 30 specialized excavators and earthmovers, most of which are fully amphibious. Our excavators float and are fully protected against water, allowing them to be used on land, in the water or in swamps and marshes to depths of up to 12 feet.

If you contract with another company, their land-track excavators may have difficulties reaching your project site and may not even be able to move earth to the required locations in order to create water control structures. But with our fleet of amphibious vessels, it’s easy for GCSES to get to areas in the wetlands that other companies are not able to reach.

Whether you need a temporary levee to perform repairs on a piece of infrastructure in the wetlands or you’re looking to protect a construction project from flooding, our professional team of excavators and equipment operators can handle any terrain.

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With reliable, amphibious machines and a deep knowledge of the conditions common in the Gulf Coast, we can get your projects done on time and on budget.

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