Combining our years of experience and expertise in the unique, challenging environment of marshes and wetlands with our strategically positioned fleet of specialized amphibious equipment, GCSES provides truly all-in-one specialty energy services.

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At GCSES, we’ve incorporated our four diverse sub-companies into a single, integrated whole – allowing us to provide the highest quality, comprehensive marsh and wetland services in the Gulf Coast region.

Marshes and wetlands are one of the biggest challenges facing energy companies operating in the Southeastern United States – this unique terrain is difficult to manage and can often pose serious difficulties for contractors who are unable to procure the proper equipment and experienced personnel for construction. But our team of highly skilled and experienced equipment operators, combined with our fleet of specialized amphibious construction vehicles, allow GCSES to service customers in even the most difficult-to-reach terrains.

Our Marsh & Wetland Services

From building and maintenance in shallow, inland waterways, to the clearing and reclamation of large marshes and wetlands, we offer a wide variety of services including:


Amphibious Excavation

From dry, elevated terrain to shallow waterways, swamps and marshlands that are below sea level, GCSES’ fleet of specialized amphibious excavators and our team of experienced equipment operators allow us to operate in nearly any terrain. With a wide variety of strategically positioned excavation equipment in our fleet, we can take on small-scale projects, as well as larger excavations, anywhere in the United States.


GCSES offers specialized shallow-draft airboats that can be equipped with drilling rigs, excavators and trackhoes, or any other tool required for your marsh and wetland project, allowing us to work quickly and effectively in inland and coastal waterways that are less than 25 feet in depth.

Marsh Buggies

We can provide truly amphibious marsh buggies that can be used to work on dry land, wetlands or even directly in shallow waters to simplify the process of right-of-way clearing, land reclamation and pipeline digging for your project.

Shallow Draft Work Boats

GCSES’ fleet of shallow draft work boats are operated by our team of highly trained and experienced personnel. With cargo capacities of 5,000-10,000+ pounds, our versatile shallow-draft boats can be used for inland construction and shallow water projects in marshes and wetlands.

Geotechnical Drilling

Our pontoon-based drilling rig with a shallow draft can be used in shallow bays, bayous, rivers and ponds to drill to a depth of up to 300 feet for geotechnical sampling, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of soil and bedrock composition and more.