Whether you need a marsh excavated, require underwater pipeline trenching, backfilling or any other marsh construction service, GCSES can handle amphibious excavation projects of any size in the Gulf Coast region.

With a fleet of more than 30 excavators and some of the most experienced equipment operators in the business, Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services streamlines the process of amphibious excavation to ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.

Access Any Terrain with Our Amphibious Excavation Services

Equipped with an extensive fleet of amphibious excavators and a team of highly-trained and experienced specialized operators, GCSES can easily and efficiently clear vegetation in a swamp, marsh or shallow waterway in up to 25 feet of water.

We specialize in building levees to protect your critical infrastructure from flooding and the ingress of water, as well as restoring and revitalizing coastlines. With the integrated service offerings of our four sub-companies, GCSES’ amphibious excavation team can assist with your next project – regardless of the size or scope.

Reliable, Specialized Operators

We don’t just lease our amphibious excavation equipment – GCSES provides experienced, skilled and insured operators who are highly-trained in navigating the unique challenges of the Gulf Coast region terrain. With Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services, you can rest assured that your excavation project will be completed safely and efficiently.

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With a comprehensive fleet of specialized excavators and reliable, highly skilled operators on-call, GCSES is the best choice for all your amphibious excavation needs.

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