Geotechnical drilling is a necessary requirement for most engineering projects to determine loading requirements for new structures and to ensure that construction in the chosen area will be safe.

GCSES utilizes advanced drilling tools, amphibious equipment and shallow water draft boats to drill for core samples in even the most difficult-to-reach areas, such as marshes and wetlands, shallow inland waters and coastal transition zones.

Drilling, Extraction, Transportation And Analysis – GCSES Can Do It All!

GCSES provides all-in-one, turnkey solutions for geotechnical drilling. We can handle every step of the process to ensure that your next engineering project goes off without a hitch.

Using marsh buggies, fanboats and specialized work boats, we can access even the most hard-to-reach areas and transport advanced drilling equipment to take multiple core samples, drilling into your chosen area as per your specifications.

Our pontoon-based drilling rig can reach depths of up to 300 feet to ensure you get a comprehensive understanding of soil and bedrock composition. GCSES can deliver these core samples directly to you after extraction or can handle the transportation and analysis of your core samples, if desired.

Trust GCSES To Deliver Expert Geotechnical Drilling Services!

Whether you’re part of an energy company building a new drilling rig, or a utility provider looking to build new infrastructure, GCSES offers expert drilling technicians and advanced equipment to fulfill you geotechnical drilling needs.

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