Working in the wetlands, coastal waterways and inland waterways of the Gulf Coast and the Southeastern United States can be challenging without the proper tools, such as shallow draft work boats.

GCSES has a large fleet of shallow draft work boats that have been designed and customized to meet the unique needs of companies operating in the Gulf Coast region. We offer boats with a draft of up to 18 inches, making them appropriate for use even in the most shallow, hard-to-navigate waters.

Available with specialized equipment like drills and excavation machinery, our shallow draft work boats are the perfect solution for any company working in the wetlands, coastal waters or on inland water projects.

Diverse Selection Of Shallow Draft Work Boats Available With Experienced Operators

GCSES offers work boats that come with trackhoes – perfect for shallow water excavation – as well as drills. This makes our shallow draft workboats a great choice for tasks like geotechnical drilling, amphibious excavation and shallow water construction. And because our shallow draft work boats only disturb water up to 18 inches in depth, they’re very environmentally-friendly and have a minimal effect on vegetation and wildlife.

Our boats are well-maintained and reliable, and our highly-trained, professional operators are experienced in safely operating shallow draft work boats in these challenging transitional zones.

Specialized Work Boats with Professionally-Trained Operators

GCSES offers a wide selection of shallow draft work boats with specialized equipment to help companies operating in the swamp and marsh areas of the Gulf Coast.

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