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By uniting the expertise of our diverse sub-brands under one roof, Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services has brought together the most experienced team of midstream energy workers in the United States.

We offer the best end-to-end pipeline and facility services and, by integrating our brands, GCSES can offer bundled service offerings and competitive pricing. With locations strategically positioned throughout the country, we mobilize our teams and specialized equipment with great agility, mitigating logistical challenges so that we can focus on the primary needs of our customers.

Above all, GCSES’ work is safe, clean and responsible – our core values drive a dedication to health, safety, quality and the environment.

Our Pipeline and Production Facilities Services

Whether it is an initial build, repair, maintenance or decommissioning, GCSES will provide your pipeline and facility service needs.


Land and Shallow Water Pipeline Repair

Pipelines are integral to the energy supply chain so their repair and maintenance must be handled by experienced specialists. We perform repairs both on land and in shallow inland or coastal waterways that have traditionally been difficult to access. With expert operators and specialized equipment, no pipeline is out of GCSES’ reach.

Compressor Facility Maintenance and Repair

Compression plays a vital role in the transportation of hydrocarbons so compressor stations must be maintained properly. GCSES provides routine and non-routine compressor station maintenance services, and our proactive approach maximizes reliability from production through distribution.

Facility Fabrication and Construction

Leveraging our diversified energy services and contractor network, GCSES offers services for a wide range of facilities along the energy supply chain including, but not limited to, pipelines, compressor facilities, refining stations, distribution centers, pigging facilities, metering stations and tank batteries.

Right of Way Clearing and Maintenance

Any large-scale energy production facility will require the clearing of public or private land for pipelines, utility structures and more. GCSES offers a fleet of specialized excavators and experienced operators to quickly clear even the most difficult terrains like swamps, marshlands and other wetlands.

Blasting and Coating

We can help with the blasting and coating of pipelines, silos and tanks and other metal surfaces, ensuring a long and reliable life cycle for your valuable piping infrastructure.