Keeping health, safety and the environment paramount, we help you minimize business interruption and maximize efficiencies by servicing your compressor facilities.

GCSES offers comprehensive solutions for compressor facility maintenance and repair with specialized technicians available throughout the United States.

Providing Routine And Unscheduled Maintenance Services

Our experienced service staff specializes in a variety of facility types throughout the natural gas transport system. If you suspect that there may be something wrong with your compressor or if it’s just due for a regular servicing and tune-up, GCSES can help.

  • Component cleanout – We clean, maintain and restore components such as heat exchangers, scrubbers, meter tubes, station valves, turbines and mufflers to ensure the proper operation and long life of a gas compressor station.
  • Filter replacement – Regular filter maintenance is essential for high-quality products and for ensuring that a compressor does not become ineffective. We can replace strainers and filter separators that are clogged with hydrocarbons, water, dirt and other impure particles.
  • Fault analysis and repair – If you believe that a compressor is failing but are uncertain of the cause, we can perform a comprehensive fault analysis of the system in question and repair any potential issues that may be causing the fault.
  • Other – ASME Vessel Repair, Torquing Services, Asbestos Coating Removal, Hydro-Excavation, Vacuum Truck Work, Pipeline Drop Decommissioning

Whether you need regular predictive or preventive maintenance or require on-site personnel to assess the condition of a failing gas compressor unit, GCSES provides reliable and timely maintenance services to ensure that your mid-stream energy supply chain is fully-functional and uninterrupted.

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Our maintenance specialists are available throughout the United States. With our proven experience, competitive pricing and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can be certain that your compressor stations are in good hands.

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