In the world of oil and gas, facility fabrication and construction can be quite difficult; multiple subcontractors and builders must be managed during a construction project, leading to cost and schedule overruns that can seriously impact profitability.

GCSES offers turnkey, “one-stop-shop” facility fabrication and construction services that make it easier than ever for you to construct mid-stream energy facilities and oil and gas infrastructure.

Diversified Energy Services – Bundled Through Our Brands’ Synergies!

From the initial design, construction and hook-up to ongoing maintenance and servicing, and through decommissioning and abandonment, GCSES is with the facility for its entire life cycle.

We work with exotic alloys for specialty refining, processing and distribution facilities. Our engineers, construction specialists and architects are standing by to help you design more safe, efficient and high-quality mid-stream energy infrastructure.

We can help you with every step of the facility fabrication and construction process: site location and evaluation, engineering and design services, regulatory and permitting assistance, construction, hook-up, post-construction maintenance and decommissioning and abandonment. With our services, you can avoid contracting with multiple companies – and bundling our services saves you time, money and headaches.

Facility types:

  • Docks
  • PIG launching sites
  • Processing plants
  • Compressor facility enclosures
  • Pipeline tie-ins
  • Distribution centers

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