Challenging environments such as swamps, marshes and wetlands can make it difficult to quickly clear areas for gas pipelines, utility structures and other infrastructure.

But with a fleet of specialized excavators and experienced operations personnel stationed across the United States, GCSES can dispatch a team to help clear even the most difficult-to-reach terrain quickly and easily.

Reliable, Flexible And Professional Service

Gulf Coast Specialty Energy Services has an extensive fleet of land-based, water-based and amphibious excavators and clearing machines. We pride ourselves on keeping our vehicles in great shape, ensuring that there will be no breakdowns or other service interruptions during your terrain-clearing projects.

Having served dozens of blue-chip companies with fast and efficient land clearing services, we strive to maintain an impeccable reputation for reliable service.

Whether you need swamps and marshlands cleared, or require the clearing of dry land, GCSES has the tools and expertise that you need. We provide both specialized equipment and highly-skilled operators who are experienced in clearing swamps and marshlands in up to 12 feet of water.

Using advanced chipping machinery, we can quickly remove all trees, vegetation and other material that may be obstructing the construction of your utility lines or pipelines. We also provide right-of-way maintenance services to ensure your ongoing business operations are not affected by new growth encroaching on your valuable utility infrastructure.


With experienced equipment operators and powerful, reliable land-clearing machinery, GCSES provides a truly all-in-one solution for energy companies in even hard-to-reach and remote areas.

Contact us today to see how we can help to efficiently clear land without breakdowns so your project can continue without delay.