Whether you need to build new utility infrastructure, repair an existing system after a storm or simply require regular maintenance and upkeep of your facilities, GCSES has the specialized equipment and experienced professional personnel to help.

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At GCSES, we understand that energy services do not end at the production facility where gas, oil and other products are turned into power. Utility services are a necessary part of any energy project, but varied terrain, marshlands and waterways are common obstacles that can delay the building of utility infrastructure.

Our unique business model seamlessly integrates our four sub-companies, allowing us to offer truly end-to-end services throughout every stage of your energy projects. And with GCSES, you never have to worry about partnering with multiple subcontractors or negotiating individual contracts – you get expert, bundled services from highly qualified industry professionals, saving you time and money.

Our Utility Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of utility construction and support services including:


We offer a full suite of utility construction and support services, including:

Highline Construction Support

Building high-voltage power lines is never an easy task, especially in the marshes and swamplands that characterize the Gulf Coast region. But with GCSES’ highline construction support services, we can create levees and water control structures to ensure no water contacts transformers and other equipment, use sheet piles to provide dry working areas and aid in land reclamation and marsh excavation, enabling our clients to build utility lines quickly, efficiently and safely.

Right of Way Clearing and Maintenance

Our team of excavation technicians works with the most advanced, powerful equipment in the business to provide fast and environmentally-friendly right-of-way clearing and maintenance services in marshlands, bogs and other traditionally-difficult environments. GCSES uses advanced machinery to cut and chip trees on-site, decreasing project time and ensuring that a path is quickly cleared for your utility infrastructure.

Storm Restoration

When hurricanes, intense thunderstorms and tornadoes damage your utility lines, you need them to be repaired as soon as possible. Our team of experienced environmental reclamation specialists and utility experts can clean up and mend your utility infrastructure quickly – restoring power to customers and minimizing service interruptions.