Whether you’re a general contractor working for power companies, or part of a large energy conglomerate, you need the right support services to ensure that you can install your high-voltage towers and other infrastructure quickly, efficiently and safely.

With a large fleet of amphibious vehicles and specialized workboats, as well as excavators and diggers, GCSES can provide you with all the highline construction support you need – ensuring a fast, on-time project completion.

Our Highline Construction Support Services

Using our powerful fleet of more than 30 excavators and our team of highly-trained and experienced operators, GCSES can clear vegetation, trees and more in up to 12 feet of water, allowing for the quick construction of high-voltage power lines. And our specialized, amphibious diggers can dig foundations and all other required earth structures for tower installation.

Using our boat and buggy-based drills, we can take core samples of dirt up to 300 feet in depth. With a comprehensive picture of the underlying soil structure, you can feel confident knowing that your chosen construction site will support the weight of your utility infrastructure.

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With our advanced equipment and deep knowledge of infrastructure construction, GCSES makes it easy for contractors and energy companies to build mission-critical utility lines, structures and more.

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