After securing a right-of-way easement for utility lines, oil pipelines or other infrastructure, advanced construction equipment must be used to clear away trees, vegetation and other debris.

GCSES has a fleet of specialized excavators and machinery that are totally amphibious and can be used in even the most difficult terrain such as the wet/dry transition zones of the Gulf Coast.

We Provide Reliable, Amphibious Vehicles With Expert Operators

Right-of-way clearing is often the first task that must be undertaken before large-scale construction projects, such as the installation of oil pipelines and other energy infrastructure, can commence. Because of this, it’s crucial to choose a contractor that can clear away vegetation and trees, and level out land as quickly as possible.

GCSES uses large, powerful amphibious excavators and removal equipment that can be operated in up to 12 feet of water. In addition, we use chipping and mulching machines to remove debris, allowing for a faster project turnaround time because debris does not need to be hauled out of the wetlands.

We also offer regular right-of-way maintenance services. Our team can make scheduled trips to your job site to ensure that it is clear of vegetation and new growth and that your utility lines, pipelines or other infrastructure are free of any potentially dangerous or harmful obstructions.

GCSES – Your All-In-One Service Partner!

At GCSES, we offer right-of-way clearing services, excavation services, pipeline installation support and so much more – without using multiple subcontractors.

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